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Hey there!

I'm Anastasia, and I’m sure of the fact that PR is not just for celebrities and big businesses. It is a valuable tool for anyone, including individuals and small businesses, who want to get their messages out there and reach their target audience effectively.

With a background that includes solid experience in the communication field, starting out as a journalist and now specializing as a global public relations expert in the lifestyle, health, and wellness sectors, I'm here to help you spread your messages.

Media Relations

Looking to connect with journalists and media outlets, as well as gain more coverage to boost engagement? Let’s work together to secure appearances in top print and online outlets, TV and radio shows, podcasts, and other media platforms. Leveraging the extensive network of media contacts, we can pitch your story, product, or service to relevant journalists and secure coverage in the outlets that matter most to you.

Podcasts bookings

This service is designed to help you secure guest spots on popular podcasts in your niche, increase your brand visibility, and grow your audience. My team and I will develop a personalized strategy for getting your guest spots on top-rated podcasts in your industry. We work with a great network of podcast hosts and producers, and we will pitch your expertise to them to help you secure guest appearances on shows that are a perfect match for you. We will also take care of all the communication with podcast hosts and make sure you are well-prepared for the interview.


Not sure where to start with your PR efforts? Do you need to publish guest posts? Or are you wondering whether podcasts would work best for you? How can you connect with journalists and podcast hosts to establish yourself as a trusted authority in the media? If your head is spinning with all these questions when you think about getting publicity, no worries! Just share some insight into your business, and I'll have all the answers ready for you...

Media training

Do you want to be featured in podcasts, TV, and radio shows or become a keynote speaker at events, but the fear of public speaking is holding you back? Put your mind at ease; you're not alone – many people struggle with this fear.

Media training can help you to master the skills you need to communicate effectively and make a lasting impact. Learn the dos and don'ts of interviews with journalists and podcast hosts, how to craft your messages, gain confidence, and use your words to instantly grab attention and deliver your key messages in a powerful and impactful way.


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