Meet some of my incredible clients!

Dr. Valerie Cacho

Valerie is an integrative sleep medicine physician and women's sleep expert. She is also the founder of Sleephoria, a wellness brand dedicated to helping women achieve restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Valerie wanted to increase awareness of Sleephoria and strengthen her personal brand, so together, we developed a PR strategy that involved proactively pitching her expertise to relevant podcasts. And guess what? We were able to secure spots for her on some of the top high-ranked podcasts on women's health!

We also managed to secure quotes and appearances for her in top outlets such as Woman and Home magazine. Our campaign was a success, and Valerie has now become a go-to media expert, with top media outlets and podcasts reaching out to her directly.

Not only did we boost her SEO ranking and connect her with her target audience, but we also established her as a trusted authority in the field of sleep medicine and wellness.

Dr. Luke Sniewski

Luke is a Ph.D. holder in Psychology, a New Zealand well-being coach, and somatic therapist, who has recently launched his bestselling book “Somawise: Get Out of Your Head, Get Into Your Body.”

Luke was looking to raise awareness about his book and promote it to a wider audience, so we collaboratively developed a PR strategy that involved proactively pitching his expertise and the book's key messages to health and wellness podcasts and media.

We were able to secure expert appearances for Luke on popular podcasts focused on mental health and wellness. But that's not all – we also landed text appearances in top media sources such as YOGA Magazine and Authority Magazine. As a cherry on top, Luke's book synopsis was featured in a special section of YOGA Magazine.

Kathy Harmon-Luber

Kathy is a certified Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, and now author of the bestselling book “Suffering to Thriving: Your Toolkit for Navigating Your Healing Journey: How to Live a More Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful Life.”

Kathy's mission is to help people heal and thrive. Her new book is the ultimate guide to achieving just that. Yet, that's not all – she's taking her message to the masses! We've been hard at work, proactively pitching Kathy's expertise and the book's key messages to top health and wellness podcasts and media. And our strategy paid off big time!

Within just a couple of months, we successfully arranged the expert’s participation in approximately a dozen podcasts with high rankings. Additionally, her valuable insights have been featured in prominent media sources, including YOGA Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Authority Magazine.


Terri is a motivational speaker and best-selling author of four incredible books.

With a background in education, including teaching all grades, being a Sociology Professor for twenty years, and directing an Independent Study Program for adults, Terri has won many awards for her work in developing innovative career strategies, initiating a girl power group, and helping parolees find employment.

With our PR strategy, Terri has been featured on numerous top-ranked podcasts, sharing her wisdom and inspiring women to live life to the fullest. We've also secured articles for Terri in leading publications such as Elephant Journal, helping to promote her incredible books and spread her message even further.